Monchique sites

Interesting Sites in and around Monchique





The ruins of the old convent of Nossa Senhora do Desterro overlook the town. Next to the convent stands the tallest Magnolia in Portugal (26 metres high)



Largo dos Chorões




A wonderful place to meet and rest after the journey.






The door of the 'Igreja Matriz' (parish church) is one of the finest examples of the 16th. century Manueline style: Twisted columns in the form of knotted cables ending in unusual pinnacles.


Other interesting churches worth a visit include the 'Igreja De Sáo Sebastian' and the 'Misericordia'.







The highest point of the Algarve, spectacular views on a clear day from the Spanish border to the East, as far as Lisbon to the North-West!


Watch the sunset from 902 meters.


Very famous RESTAURANTS between Monchique and Foia specializing in serving delicious Chicken 'Piri-Piri', local Marzipan sweets and the local alcohol: Medronho.



Caldas de Monchique




Take a walk through the shaded alleys where water cascades all year round.


The Roman spa of Caldas is still famous for treatment of rheumatism and bronchitis. You could sample the thermal water!


Agua de Monchique (Monchique table water) is bottled there thanks to a brand new plant and distributed all over Portugal.